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The Duplicated President

The podium in the centre of a rebuilt Qurino Grandstand was waiting for a speaker to come up. The area was filled of supporters, military soldiers, and the obliged citizens. In short time they will see the oath taking of the new President of Democracy. The man whom votes against the nearest competitor was over 50 million. The Opposition was here for their respective duties and TV time. Albeit all the people, the man who would speak is alone. He has no family only a past that dead scientists only knew.

40 years ago, the government in secrecy from the country and its sitting president divulged in a project that would seem solve the unending crisis of corrupted, unlawful, unworthy politicians taking post in the government. Geneticists were picked for the daunting task of creating the perfect DNA for the government. Names withheld and families uninformed they toiled for a decade or so finding strains of DNA for different characteristics. Searching in Cavite for traces of Aguinaldo remains, opening the freezing casket of Marcos, grave-robbing for bones of Roxas, Quirino, Quezon and Magsaysay, nicking hair from the dying Estrada and removing a mole from the assassinated Arroyo the geneticists worked hard to get every trait of DNA they could. The project was based on obtaining DNA from past presidents of the country taking out a certain code and storing it for a final solution.

Backstage the new President awaits his cue. Dressed in a natty traditional Barong Tagalog, he walks back and forth rehearsing his first statement as the most powerful authority in the land. Rubbing all thoughts of nefariously remarks at the opposition flabbergasting comments the day before on fraud, he concentrated on not building a facade that they may pick up on. As a female staff member with an iridescent negligee comes up to him signalling that he should be ready in a few minutes, the president calms himself down and slowly walk towards the door out to the stage.

Creating a DNA code from existing strains was something that has not been achieved in the history of science. Working to the apogee of what they could do geneticists partly conceded on making it happen. Armed with animosity of past government officials they found the sweet spot for the new code. The completion of strain lies on artificially inseminating it to a host. Randomly choosing a healthy woman, they carefully injected it directly to the egg. In able not to catch the natural strain of the body, a protective strain that catches all alien traits, once the child is born would be removed. The birth goes smoothly but the woman couldn't bear much of the pain and died afterwards. Stripping the strain before the baby goes to the nursery only the future would tell if the doctors did it right.

Stepping out on to the stage, the crowds stood tall cheering, clapping and jeering to the 5'10" tan skinned man walking unto the podium the president with game face on stopped and stared at the packed audience. The President of the , an enormous introduction from the P.A. filled the grandstand and with respect all people attending stood. The usual ceremonial rites of flag raising, prayers and oath-taking took place. The president staying in his podium preparing for his big speech waited patiently.

For the government’s sake, people who took part in the project were silenced either by force or natural causes. They didn't live to see a man grow in to becoming the greatest politician to have emerged for the last century. Graduating at the top of his class, surviving military training and combat, breaking into language barriers, fighting for the poor, living simply in small houses, eating with his hands, debating and gaining ground against political figures whilst a young student, solving economic problem here and there and winning every electoral bid the future President was on the right track.

"Mabuhay Pilipinas!" It was the opening remark of a long speech by the new President. The uncanny abilities to reach out and be heard were one of the strong characteristics of the newly voted Chief of State. Crowds roared with it. Continuing after the silence the President summarizes his plan for a new government. Stipulations of the trashing of old laws and traditions replacing it with more just counterparts that would serve both government and people reverberated clearly. He did not promise one thing but said that action would be done no talk is needed. Sitting queasy in the background is the opposition. Still not taking an embarrassing defeat on margins of victory of the new President their eyes roam the horizon above the crowd. In the shadows at the back of the jeering audience, up high in a deserted historical landmark building, a man looks on. Resting on his arms and shoulder is a 100th Anniversary Commemorative Edition Springfield Rifle Military Issue loaded for action. With instructions from an unknown source he was waiting for a keyword in the speech before he pulls the trigger.

"..I stand here before you as a Filipino with a vision. A mission to free our country of hatred, poverty and undying political innuendos. I am the President and I would not yield to every corrupt, unjust, unlawful official that has hindered our country for many years. Opposition" the President continued on his speech but at the last word a silence breaking shot was heard. The crowds erupted; the military attentively tries to calm the situation, people were panicking heading for the gate exits. Military can't appease them all. Shots fired from every direction. A frenzy stampede of women, men and children ensued while losing their shoes, sandals, and slippers getting stomped by their fellow men. Amidst the panic of the people, a man lies on the centre of the stage. Numbed by the gunshot and bleeding from the right his eyes froze. Just like a road kill carcass being passed by.

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