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The Man who sold Manila

Bustling traffic, pollution, noisy crowds, rampant crimes and road hazards doesn't make Manila the finest capital in the world. In the eyes of one man, it was the worst. Born in Manila in the turn of the Millenium 44 year old Azzy Olran, constantly berates the city with hatred and irritably agape on how such a place exists. Forced to work in this place by his company, the traveling negotiator is now back after only a year abroad. He was such estatic when he left the place and was literally pugnacious when he learned that a trip back home was evident for him to stay in the company. Now stuck back here in the a place he avidly despises Azzy fails to compensate an irreversible action to the city.

Being a negotiator for you firm on a foreign country to theirs, connecting to the internet is a must. Broadcasting his findings in video feed board meetings and real-time communications with the bosses of the company. Global Feeds Inc. is a corporation seeking investments in hungry or poverty stricken countries it aims to give high quantity of consumable food for both people and animals. Azzy Olran never knew that a high salary doesn't compare on where you want to go. Other negotiators are lucky enough to stay put in Australia were the company is based.

When not working Azzy is an Internet addict. Surfing world news, blogs, sportscasts, and porn sites. However he usually takes a long time in his favorite website Here he finds bizarre gadgets, alien conspiracy novels, tabloids, sand from Area 51, relics from ancient aliens and a lot of cool out of this world stuff. He has bought some interesting pieces like an alien painting and a supposed rock from the Moon. Although not entirely fascinated or believed that aliens exist it has become a stress reliever from the horrendous sceneries whenever he goes out on the streets.

A night after fighting with annoying pedestrians and uncautious public transport drivers, Azzy was finding himself adrift with his inconsumable rage of Manila. He logs on to his favorite site. USERNAME: manilahater PASSWORD: ********
Thinking of something that may make his day livable, he finds out that he had not put up any item for auction. He suddenly had an ingenious idea. He clicks on "Items for Sale" link on his user panel. He continued on to "Add Item" and found himself filling out the descriptions for the item to be auctioned.

ITEM NAME: City of Manila
DESCRIPTION: Manila or Maynila is the capital city of the Philippines. Beautiful centuries ago the city now did not overcome overpopulation, traffic congestion, pollution, and crime.
ITEM LOCATION: Philippines
DATE OF CREATION: 16th Century
AUCTION ENDS: 7/7/2044
MINIMUM BID: $10,000,000.00
BUY NOW BID: $100,000,000.00

After submitting the item he previewed it and laugh his heart out. Dropping to his knees, tears flowing as he can't breathe of the sudden rush of hapiness in his system. Azzy dozed off to sleep, thinking that he would not be ruin another day of the City of Manila.

Azzy half-awake punch down his alarm clock bedside. Figuring it was the one thats making all the noise. Once again he has been awoken by the bickering of the outside world of Manila. Early morning honking of cars, children playing, mothers ranting, and neighbors fighting were the usual bunch. It was unusual that a rampaging loud knock was banging on his front door. He stood up and angrily opened the door. Outside where two neatly dressed fellows in suits. The one introduced himself as the United Coconut Islands Bank Manager and told that his companion is a chief security personel. Azzy wasn't sure he heard the words right when he was told that the bank was sent down to this address and $100,000,000 was sitting at the back of a gold-aluminum armored van outside. He was flummoxed on how could he possibly receiving this amount of money. Then it hit him last night as he was fooling around the internet he had auctioned off the city he had hated from birth.

Struggling to find words, the two men thought that silence meant an affirmative sign. They left the keys of the armored van on to his palm and walked away. He stood rooted like a tree on the spot his knees trembling with anxiety. With no logical thing to do, he connected to the Internet and logged on his account. The item was sold to a username themartianman he clicked on its profile. This person o whoever maybe has bought hundreds of seemly ordinary artifacts and items. Strangely feeling guilty for doing something weird he packed his bags, he was a millionaire after all and a the job seems quite worthless now.

On his way to the airport he vividly savors the moment that for the last time he was going to see the congestion, garbage, dirty streetkids, on-going road constructions, and bad memories of Manila. Not feeling it until it grew stronger a distant shaking was felt in Azzy's car. He thought it was an earthquake but he didn't feel the tilting aspect of it. It was broad daylight but the sky was getting darker. He got out the car what was a tiny speck in the clouds were multiplying in numbers. One by one hundreds of saucer like serated blades were coming down. He was at the border of Manila and Quezon City along Sta. Mesa. Without any warning or notice these saucers cut unto the pavement. Grinding and drilling impossibly without noise these small crafts worked its way easily like slicing butter with a hot knife. He didn't know what to do he was a meter away from them. People around him stupendously pondered on what heavens was happening. The saucers had disappeared in the depths of the area. Panic arose moments after cars and people now hurrying to get out the vicinity but Azzy still shocked failed to move or blink.

He was nonplus for a full five minutes scared at wits end. Realizing that people were fleeing and cars were not passing by that direction. He too came back into his car. On the radio he heard that thousand of saucers around Manila had been digging into strangely borders of neighboring cities. He didn't want to go in that direction either. As a sign of assurance he looked at his rear view mirror. The saucers now simultaneously got out of the hole they dug into and with them are lariats of what seems like a white string. In sync with each other they flew upward unto the sky as far man can see. Azzy was becoming more anxious, now he felt that he was responsible for this. He put his car on reverse and then slammed the accelerate pedal and break this wall of strings. He barraged head on but as the front bumper pounded on the white wall he just bounced back with equal amount of force. The ground was shaking once again now this time it felt different. Slowly he was rising, no he wasn't. The city was rising. Looking in between the gaps of the transparent wall he sees the top of a high building in eye level. Definitely they were going up.

Marred by an unforgiving conscience Azzy now was deep in thought on what will happen next. With a single click on the submit button he was joyous but if the consequence was taking the whole city of Manila why do he have to be in it when it happened.

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